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Green Project

Green Project

&Nbsp;   level 1 maintenance quality standard, green full plant disposition is reasonable, reached the loess is not open.
&Nbsp;   2, garden plants to achieve: (1) growth potential: good. Growth exceeded the average growth of tree species in the specification (average growth of subsequent surveys to determine).
&Nbsp;   (2) leaves robust: ① color normal leaves and thick, yellow leaves in normal conditions, without leaf scald, curling leaves, fallen leaves, leaf insect pest-free urine screens dust II was nibbling leaves per plant were most significant in 5% (including 5%, below).
&Nbsp;   (3) branch, and dry robust: ① no obviously branches, and died right, and branches stout, winter Qian new shoots wood quality of; II no borers dry pest of live eggs live insect; ③ scale insect most serious at main branches Shang 100 square centimeters 1 head live insect following (including 1 head, to with), more fine of branches each feet long of a Shang in 5 head live insect following (including 5 head, to with); strains number are in 2% following (including 2%, to with); II Crown full: points Fulcrum right, Collateral distribution and quantity appropriate inner chaos, and ventilation.
&Nbsp;   (4) good measures: according to the technical measures required careful conservation.
&Nbsp;   (5) perfect lines of street trees.
&Nbsp;   (6) grass coverage should meet 100%; lawn weed control within 10%; flourished color to normal, not yellow; trim warm more than 6 times per year, cold-15 times more than pest and disease-free.
&Nbsp;   3, street trees and green spaces within dead trees, tree pruning is reasonable, tree-like appearance, to timely solve trees and electrical wires, buildings, transportation and other conflicts between.
&Nbsp;   4, green junk (such as branches, leaves, grasses, etc) section can do with production in key areas with the clear, other regions and sections do Nissan Nissin; green and tidy, no brick and tile, baskets and plastic bags and other debris, as well as for regular cleaning.
&Nbsp;   5, rail, road, table and chairs, Garden facilities such as manhole covers and plates full, timely oil maintenance and decoration.
&Nbsp;   6, and no obviously of human damaged, green, and lawn within no heap real heap material, and take shed or occupation,; street trees trunk Shang no nail tied description of phenomenon, tree Xia from trunk 2 meters range within no heap real heap material, and take shed set up stalls, and circle bar, effect trees conservation management and growth of phenomenon, 2 meters within as has, is due protection measures.

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