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Outer wall plastering engineering

Outer wall plastering engineering

    1. New cement mortar and concrete surfaces require a ventilated dry maintenance period, let the wall dry fully, so that wall moisture content less than 10%,PH less than 10 before construction. Usually at 25 degrees, conditions of relative humidity 65% cement mortar wall surface to dry for 7 days or more, the concrete walls to dry for more than 21 days.
    2. Cast or precast concrete basement, require more maintenance, and thoroughly clean surface stripping agent.
    3. The weathered concrete basement, absorbent and strong and coarse sand and cement plaster layer, through the wet paint primer processing technology.
    4. Severe efflorescence on the white base, with a steel brush to remove the crystals and 5% of oxalic acid in aqueous solution and repeated washing, and then washed with water.
    5. For bearing capacity of free, loose, peeling paint, together with PuTTY and complete eradication, wash and dry with PuTTY after leveling. For mild powder but firmly Grind old coatings with seal coat after coat can be. Serious powder paint should be thoroughly cleaned in advance, and the old oil paint should be completely removed.
    6. Polluting the grass-roots level should be clean. On walls that have been eroded by mould, algae for mechanical removal, you can also use bleach-water solution, then rinse with clean, dry screed.
    7. Local deep grooves should be filled with cement mortar, locally raised should be leveled. The wall must be strong before the puttying and should not be, loose sand, cracks and other defects.
    8. Damage to the walls and cracks, uneven and other parts before the primer using water resistant PuTTY for exterior wall repair and smooth. Every time batches puttying of the thickness control in 2mm, puttying the overall thickness of not more than 5mm. PuTTY should be solid, not powder, peeling or cracking.
    9. After PuTTY, sanding smooth with sandpaper and PuTTY on the floating dust wiped with a damp cloth and paint as soon as possible, so as to avoid dust again.
    10. Coating surface must be solid, there should be no removal of sand, cracks, loose, flaking and other defects. By coating the surface must be clean, free of dust, dirt, grease, mold and other attachments.

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