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Stone care

Stone care

&Nbsp;   1, construction decoration, mix it will in most cases give more types of jobs, a lot of movement of personnel or material will wear or corrosion of stone surfaces, cause stone serious when large defaced, unable to meet the delivery standards; of course, sometimes because the pavement staff skills is not fine, uneven or scissors difference after laying is complete, it is necessary to renovate the stone processing.
&Nbsp;   2, the stone material after long-term use, even if properly maintained will lose their luster because of reasonable wear; if the second decoration stone floors generally do not need to be replaced, only a relatively simple renovation is needed polishing, you will get new results.
&Nbsp;   3, caulking, and stone laying is completed, paved stone gap between adjacent stone color sealant to fill gaps and grinding machines for grinding and polishing. Through this approach after the beauty of slate will not be split as a whole. Stone of many illnesses are starting from the stone adjacent to the gap, if we adopt the seamless handling of also reduce stone of the occurrence of the disease.

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