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The stone material renovates

The stone material renovates

&Nbsp;   natural stone although durable, but still subject to natural weathering and aging, stone flooring and stairs more damaged because of friction, losing their due value. So, stone top maintenance has become a compulsory course in property management, cleaning professionals.
&Nbsp;   Spain-rich high stone, has a long history of making Spain the stone mining, cutting, polishing, maintenance technology has become the industry leader.
&Nbsp;   today, specially Spain stone top maintenance techniques, and combining domestic actual condition rather than into, sincere and dedicated to all the managers and professionals to use as reference.
&Nbsp;   natural stone features a wide variety of natural stone, has documented more than 1000 species, every stone has its own characteristics, even if it is the same stone, also have differences in different. Nevertheless, we can still be based on the chemical composition and crystal structure, divided into two types of marble and granite.
&Nbsp;   1.1 marble natural stone belonging to the metamorphic rocks, mainly contain calcium carbonate, formed in the ancient times of crustal movement. Rich in calcium carbonate deposits have been transferred to the depths of the Earth, in high temperature, high pressure and groundwater under the influence of forming crystals and closely aggregated together. Mixed with different amounts of minerals in the process of forming, copper, magnesium, aluminum, Silicon, and each has its own characteristics, but also because of metal containing different ingredients, such as iron, copper, nickel, chromium, and colorful, thousands of vision.

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