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Curtain cleaning

Curtain cleaning

&Nbsp;   curtain is indispensable to one of modern living room decoration, with the improvement of people's living standards, different grades of families and flats, the curtains are also increasingly used in different places for the new process. Hang long curtains of dust pollution, needs cleaning, different materials and different styles of curtains should be clean, not change, does not decolorize, does not shrink, no hair removal, wrinkle, of course you want to take a different cleaning methods and use a different detergent.
&Nbsp;   in the service process, we encountered some customers claim: our aunt velvet curtains are made of deformation after washing, can you help please? Also ask: our curtains washed after shortened a few centimeters, and so on, so to speak, some deformation of curtain is irreparable. For the convenience of our customers, our company imported parts cleaning chemicals and equipment, exclusive curtains, detergent, softener and other cleaning agents, as well as highly trained professional staff, for you to take one-stop dry cleaning, washing, other contract business. You believe that professional! Support because you are the only source of our company's development.

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