Sofa cleaning and glazing maintenance
&Nbsp;   cleaning polishing process:
&Nbsp;   1, solution: dark dirty sofa: 1:1; dirty: 2:1 clean: 3:1. Light colored sofa dirty: 2:1; dirty: 3:1 clean: 4:1.
&Nbsp;   2, find a discreet place to try whether the fall color, fall color couch not cleaning.
&Nbsp;   3, use a sponge absorbing solution, wring out with your fingers, press the first and then the next, left-right order after cleaning, edge cleaning edge wipe with a towel, wash towel to wipe it again as a whole.
&Nbsp;   4, drying off in the same way the glazing.
&Nbsp;   5, drying off in the same way the protection of oil.
&Nbsp;   notes:
&Nbsp;   1, medicines to appropriate.
&Nbsp;   2, remaining within the drug may not be poured back into the bottle.
&Nbsp;   3, when a wave of pressure wave.
&Nbsp;   4, fall-colored sofa firm no glazing.
&Nbsp;   5, must be and allow it to dry and then move on to the next program.
&Nbsp;   6, brushing Cup completes a program to clean, towel to clean.
&Nbsp;   7, leather product is not suitable for polishing.

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