Exterior wall tile falling off eye-watering
&Nbsp;   at present, in some luxury residential see, the original "upscale, decent" exterior wall tile has fallen off have to watch people do not feel it at all to its original glory. One households said, this seat floor staying also not to 10, is when famous of high-end residential project, outside wall brick from two or three years Qian began a a to down off, adults child from following go are fear of, was households wants to find property patch about, but because no right of brick, posted up also trouble, everyone wants to has many method are not too satisfaction, on nothing has.
&Nbsp;   high-grade popular "tile"
&Nbsp;   Similarly, now, around two or three in Beijing, there are 890 was built here and some fall off on the tile floor. Provinces and cities, there have been injured by tiles fall off pedestrian events, tile to enhance the safety of the residents at the same time, convenient maintenance, but why has wall tiling in the Beijing property market so popular? It is understood that the Beijing property market of high-end projects, 50% of exterior wall materials used tiles or part of the tile.
&Nbsp;   Qian some years, because domestic paint texture poor, abroad paint your, and brick price moderate, and not explicit dirty, texture good, looks style, and high-end, so since Shang century 80 generation yilai, high-end real estate outside wall posted brick on is prevailed, addition because process, and cost, reasons, in everyone of traditional concept in, has been thought "brick than paint high-end, stone than brick high-end". For exterior wall tiling difficult difficult to fill, there are safety issues, it is 10 years away, many developers and buyers in the building and did not take into account when buying a House.

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