Autumn air conditioning cleaning
&Nbsp;   after a summer of use, air conditioning filter online product in a thick layer of dust. This transitional season in summer and autumn, also reduce air conditioning usage, service network, experts say, is the air conditioning clean appropriate time.
&Nbsp;   recently, Mr Wu who lives in Huangpu village, see the weather gets cold, air conditioning a banquet, they intend to request a repair person to come clean. So he dialed service repair hotline. Results do not wash do not know them jump. When the service network "new world" came to Mr Wu, after turning on the air conditioning, and discover a small dead mice lying in it. He looked disgusted: "I did not expect with air conditioning in every day, even blowing out the mice wind. "So, service net" red vests "immediately to the air conditioning use professional cleaning detergent carefully. Mr Wu was moved to say: "Fortunately found time, or winter time again, home would surely be stinking air conditioning cleaning really careless. "
&Nbsp;   cleaning service air cleaning experts, in General, air conditioning filters, a summer on the cleaned again. Readers can remove the filter and rinse with tap water. Outdoor unit the best cleaning once a year, it is best to hire a professional cleaning firm personnel for cleaning. If the air conditioner does not clean for a long time, not only will reduce the cooling effect, but also can breed bacteria. In addition, the cleaning can also protect the air conditioning compressor, extended service life, avoiding repetition priming of the compressor and turbine.
&Nbsp;   cleaning of central air conditioner can not be ignored. Than at present central air-conditioning because of improper use, cleaning and air pollution can cause health hazards include respiratory diseases, such as various allergic diseases, such as sick building syndrome, can cause side effects such as dizziness, tightness in the chest. Now central air conditioning main pollution reasons roughly can points three class: first is air conditioning design not reasonable, including air volume insufficient, and outlet location not reasonable,; second is because construction improper and caused of pollution, including large building garbage legacy wind tube, and not reserved wind tube maintenance,; and not science of maintenance by caused of pollution, including reduced or not sent air, and air room stacked debris,, also are may caused central air conditioning pollution. So, the best professionals in the summer or autumn before use after use, complete cleaning of the air conditioning.

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