How to clean bathroom sanitation
&Nbsp;   toilet seat: don't look down on the rest of the SOAP header, its role should not be overlooked. Can do with a piece of gauze or old socks a little pocket, put SOAP headers in a tie hanging inside the toilet tank. SOAP dissolves in water, it can play a role in cleaning the toilet.
&Nbsp;   tile: shower, conveniently adjust the nozzle to cold water, towards the surrounding walls with a little spray can remove watermark from condensation on tiles. Near the surface of the rows of tiles more difficult to clean up, prone to yellow scale-like dirt, even the brushes are difficult to remove. At this time, clean toilet with toilet spiritual can be put inside a watering can, from the top down into the tile, after 10 minutes, can be cleaned with a brush mirror: mirror in the bathroom due to the long-term in damp environments, so will produce mist blurring of vision, with dry and wet towels are very difficult to clean up. Can mirror coated with a layer of SOAP, then wipe dry with a dry cloth, mirror clear again.

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