Eight types of household appliances cleaning
&Nbsp;   long does not clean the hazards: internal use of the TV after a period of time, covered with thick layer of dust, dirt accelerates the ageing of machines, increased radiation, snow occurs, which may cause a short circuit and burn components, can even cause tube explosion. So TVs inside to be cleaned once a year.
&Nbsp;   washing: washing inside a TV set, half an hour off the power first, and then open the back cover of the TV, and dust blowing with a hair dryer, and then using absolute alcohol cotton balls to clean circuit boards, with a dry cloth to wipe the internal lines, then blow dry.
&Nbsp;   clean the casing of the TV down, the power supply Plug and unplug and power off, wipe with a soft cloth. If the shell oil is heavy, 40 ℃ hot water and 3-5 ml of wiping the detergent mix.
&Nbsp;   TV screen easily ash, free special cleaner clean spirit and a clean, soft cloth to scrub, which can remove fingerprints, stains and grime from the screen, or using cotton balls dipped in head cleaning fluid to clean, dry in the end.
&Nbsp;   Tip: never use petrol, solvents or any chemicals to clean the TV cabinet.
&Nbsp;   iron long cleaning danger: due to the high temperature and moisture at the bottom of the iron, produces a rust-like traces, even iron bottom made of chrome-plated or stainless steel is no exception.
&Nbsp;   washing: Removes traces of iron bottom, scouring powder, wax 80% about about 10% about 10% into polishing abrasive, vegetable oil. When used, this abrasive coating on the sole plate of electric iron, chemical fiber cloth wipes traces, traces can be cleared in a timely manner. Or toothpaste on the floor traces, wipe clean with a cloth repeatedly, the effect is the same.
&Nbsp;   Tip: iron cleaning requires patience, it is recommended that cleaning done enough preparation work before.
&Nbsp;   water heater out of cleaning danger: electric water heaters in use after a certain period, which can form a large scale, when the scale thickens to a certain extent, not only extend the time of heating and cracking can occur, bile has some internal damage, prolonged heating, hot water reduced.
&Nbsp;   washing: water heater no drain valve, need a professional to clean. Long-term use of the gas water heater and solar water heaters should be a professional inspection, maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis.
&Nbsp;   Tip: some electric water heater is equipped with a drain valve, can discharge itself according to the instructions.

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