Pest eradication of four pests
&Nbsp;   termite shocking, in recent years, the termite new housing construction has become increasingly serious, in order to fundamentally control termite, should carry out "putting prevention first and combining prevention with treatment, and comprehensive" approach. People's Republic of China Ministry of construction, the 72nd of the urban House termite prevention and control regulations also specified that "termite areas of new construction, renovation or expansion, decoration House termite prevention must be implemented." As termites in the survival of most species can not be separated from the soil, in the build process for treatment of the soil is the most important. ≫> cleaning company in Guangzhou "four pests", that is, rats, flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches. They breed in hot and humid environment for spreading disease, harmful to the human body not only stealing food, destroying clothing, harassing people to rest, but more importantly to spread many diseases. Such as plague, disease, hemorrhagic fevers, hepatitis, dysentery, cholera, malaria, dengue fever, and so on. In your home, Office find a diverse range of household pesticides actually annoy you sometimes can not kill the pests? Because these pests have somewhere to multiply in your home, Office, and their resistance to drugs in General. Therefore, only select professional pest companies they can be thoroughly solved. Eliminate the four pests can prevent disease, protect people's health, improve environmental quality; the four pests is the common responsibility of the whole society, all units, households and individuals have the obligation, so eliminate the four pests we need the active participation and support, work together to do the public healthy and harmonious living environment!

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