Green health protection standards
&Nbsp;   for green management, raise the level of greening and beautifying, lime green engineering co developed the following green Guangzhou health protection standards and important as a management contract the attachment.
    1. Green management and maintenance of health standards:
&Nbsp;   1.1 within the Greenland health requirements before 9:30 day clean up, mainly clean, green leaves and other derelict, and rubbish removed.
&Nbsp;   1.2 clean green clay, bricks and other construction debris, found dead branches on the tree, broken branches and a variety of suspension in time to clean up and clear of all rubbish removed, trimmed leaves after trash has to be cleaned up.
&Nbsp;   1.3 everyday cleaning, in addition to regular cleaning, but daily visits at least 3 times daily refuse collection.
&Nbsp;   2. Green management of water:
&Nbsp;   2.1 class all within the plant using irrigation and leaching methods, irrigation for large trees, ground covers or lawn using the get method. Whatever cream or filling cannot appear within the water shortage or waterlogging or wilting phenomenon.
&Nbsp;   2.2 per day 7:00--12:00 points this morning, within the green water or irrigation. Daily mean temperature of over 33 degrees Celsius in the summer or the winter northeasterly winds are strong 4--7 to shower again in the afternoon, rainy or typhoon season doing drainage work.
&Nbsp;   2.3 to guarantee normal operation of water facilities, water will stop after a good tool, close the sluices, water are not allowed.
    3. Scarification, removing weeds:
&Nbsp;   3.1 with lawns neat, edge neatly. Weed content not exceeding 5% per square metre, weed height of not more than 5cm turf surface.
&Nbsp;   3.2 in addition to the method using a combination of artificial and herbicides of weeds way, by hand, affect the growth of other plants as small as possible.
&Nbsp;   3.3 soil to avoid soil compaction. Roots cannot absorb nutrients and water, loosen the right moment, moderate in order not to hurt the roots not exposed.

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