Effective removal of discarded chewing gum residue
&Nbsp;   how to get rid of coffee stains, Cola stain the carpet?
&Nbsp;   of the new spots are the easiest to clean. With a clean cotton towel (wet, dry, non-) or napkins pressed on the spot for a few minutes. In this way, most of the liquid is absorbed into the towel or napkin, spots and has a dry state. Then, by spot pollution area sprinkled with carpet dry cleaning powder, waste powder, brush brush back and forth with a soft hand. If the spots have been removed after cleaning. If you have a trace again sprinkle with dry powder, gently press on the spot with his hand, so cleaning up the effect will be more pronounced. Final cleaning.
&Nbsp;   is completely dry spots, you can dip in with strong detergents, spot stain remover on a towel, and then from the scrub back and forth in different directions. Carpet spot most of them will be transferred to the cloth. Again with the dry towel wipe the spots, making the surface dry. Then, sprinkle some dry powder, brush by hand to scrub from all spots. Generally speaking, this method of cleaning can remove many dry spots.

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