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Clear the paint method
&Nbsp;   paints are an important part of Interior, prone to some tough questions, make a loss. Actually, just to find out the real cause of the problem, the remedy is not difficult to have satisfactory results, paint is easy to produce problems, proposed solutions, and makes you more handy in Interior.
&Nbsp;   peeling paint may surface too smooth sake. Original quality of paint or powder coating is light (with untreated color coating), the new paint will not adhere on the surface on prison. Or possibly wood rot or rust metal, there is peeling because of poor paint quality.
&Nbsp;   small areas of peeling paint, start with fine sandpaper and PuTTY on a wipe, paint primer, then paint. All large areas of peeling paint must be removed, again brushing.
&Nbsp;   paint blistering first, bubble pricked, if water come out, that is, the infiltration of moisture behind or under the paint layer, scorched by the Sun, the water evaporates into vapor, will paint up into bubbles. At this time, use a hot air gun to remove blistered paint, let the wood dry and paint primer, then paint over the entire patch on the surface again.
&Nbsp;   If the bubbles in the water, may be cracking the wood grain, with a small amount of air, scorched by the Sun, air expands, paint up. Faced with this situation, first scrape off bubbling paint and resin fillers filled cracks, paint on the back, or no fill, after you scrape off the paint, coat microporous paint directly.
&Nbsp;   crack this happens mostly with chemical paint remover or hot air gun will paint out, then painted.
&Nbsp;   faults too small when sanding block or wet or dry sandpaper available water, grinding the paint to break on the surface polished after, spread PuTTY, paint primer, and paint again.
&Nbsp;   bleed paint a too thick, which will cause the flow. While paint is not yet dry, with small brush paint brush, and if the paint was dry, you want to stay dry, the paint surfaces sanded smooth with fine sandpaper, brush the surface clean, then wipe clean with a damp cloth, and then external coats of paint, careful not to brush too thick.

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