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Carpet cleaning of common sense
&Nbsp;   floor mats. care doormat has a bright color of carpet cleaning, it serves to prevent dust from entering the Interior of function, is also part of the decoration in the foyer, so its cleaning care is especially important, here are some of its nursing method:
&Nbsp;  , daily care: carpet cleaning 1, flip the mat, shake off the sand, pass the end of the pad without having to flip, shake off the sand directly.
&Nbsp;   2, with a vacuum cleaner sucking pad surface between dust and fibers.
&Nbsp;   3, will be cleaned, wipe the floor clean. Carpet cleaning 4, re-place mats.
&Nbsp;   II, clean refurbished:
&Nbsp;   1, and daily care, shake off the dust from your mats. 2, the use of high pressure water washing, preferably washed with 40 c below, you can use some neutral detergent, do not use acid-alkaline detergent cleaning, which will accelerate the aging of the mat. 3, dry and dry. 4, re-place mats.

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