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Hard floor wax and wax method
&Nbsp;   by needed clean appliances a wash/polishing machine (standard speed) II to wax with wipe pad (black) and drive disc three sucking water machine 42 a bucket five strong wipe pad (holding device and long handle) six polishing machine (high-speed or super high-speed) seven polishing wipe pad (white) and drive disc eight drag sweep 92 sets drag to system and put long Foxglove drag ten waxing with MOP and barrels 11 industrial gloves 12 to wax agent 13 artificial white vinegar 14 water wax XV acid alkaline indicates paper 16 notices brand 17 cloth 18 Square plastic bags in Guangzhou cleaning methods step all needed equipment will be ready, also check the appliance is intact, check plugs, wires, and so on.
&Nbsp;   II place the signs in conspicuous places.
&Nbsp;   three to open all doors and Windows.
&Nbsp;   four label in accordance with manufacturers instructions will be the right amount of dewaxing agent added to water in.
&Nbsp;   five using this drag will be about ten square meters of floor wax.
&Nbsp;   six of approximately 5-10 minutes.
&Nbsp;   seven most distant from the entrance began to wash, using overlapping method.
&Nbsp;   eight work ensure that the wax bucket in the rear, the wires behind the machine while the machine is not in the water.
&Nbsp;   nine repeated (v) to (VIII) until the entire floor is finished.
&Nbsp;   ten after the wash is complete, clean the pad drive disc removed, and then put the machine in plastic bags.
&Nbsp;   11 powerful wipe pad scrub head and the wall.
&Nbsp;   12 dewaxing agent is sprayed onto walls or other places, wipe immediately with a cloth and water.
&Nbsp;   13 to use water suction machine to brush on the ground after liquid suction. Water absorption, water machine starting at dry and then get wet.
&Nbsp;   14 in a MOP bucket system, half a cup of artificial rujiu of white vinegar in a litre of water. Just brushed the floor with a MOP end of withdrawal of water (more water). If it is not allowed to use vinegar, use lemon. Water, use water suction machine to floor drain. Check floor PH indicating paper, if a PH higher than nine, floors shall be returned to the water, and then check again.
&Nbsp;   during and after 15 floors, and let it dry.
&Nbsp;   16 starting from the most distant from the entrance, with wax with mops, wax on the levels and thin first layer of wax. Waxing avoid painted onto the wall. Polishing by a layer of wax on each time, reflective, and good brightness.
&Nbsp;   17 let the wax dry.
&Nbsp;   18 if necessary, polishing machine, and wax with drag-and-sweep debris removed.
&Nbsp;   on 19, a second coat of wax. In painting, the second with the first floor into a right angle.
&Nbsp;   20 make two layers of wax dry.
&Nbsp;   21, if necessary, with a polishing machine, and wax with drag-and-sweep debris removed.
&Nbsp;   22 all equipment collected, washed back into the storage room.
&Nbsp;   Guangzhou cleaning company-should wear gloves while working on security matters.
&Nbsp;  -check the electrical machinery, with particular attention to plugs and wires.
&Nbsp;  -all parts of the machine after installed, plug the plug into the socket.
&Nbsp;  -avoid spray wax or wax.
&Nbsp;  -behind the wire into the machine as far as possible, off the wet ground.
&Nbsp;  -wax bucket any time in the rear.
&Nbsp;  -when the machine is not in use, the handle upright.
&Nbsp;   waxing marble and granite is quite different solutions, the whole granite with a strong acid solution many small holes on the surface.
&Nbsp;   local wax, wax, water concentration is 10%, with watering can spray the cleaner was firmer. In addition, the permeability of fine particles is stronger.
&Nbsp;   abrasive waxes water is a wax and wax, put the wax softening and polishing hard instead.

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