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Hotel cleaning responsibilities and processes
&Nbsp;  , in charge of duties by subordinate supervisors, training and placement and the rational use of cleaning products to meet service levels, through the arrangement of plant cultivation and management, give guests a pleasant environment, specific duties are:
&Nbsp;   1, check whether the public area foreman supervising subordinates, to achieve the desired effect of cleaning and maintenance.
&Nbsp;   2, routine inspection of regional plants and trees and green facilities, is responsible for the development of greening conservation plan, implementation of the master plan to ensure that the quality and progress of work, assurance of the greening system in action.
&Nbsp;   3, supervising the regional manager of the management work, work out of cleaning equipment management and maintenance programme, examine the guest supplies are used to control the situation.
&Nbsp;   4, formulation and presentation in public areas cleaning planning and prevention (insecticide), programme of work and human resources planning.
&Nbsp;   5, responsible for business training and discipline, and ensure staff deportment, service quality in line with hotel standards. ≫> cleaning company in Guangzhou 6, employee scheduling, time and attendance and leave audit is arranged according to customer needs and employees work to investigate problems that occur daily, major festivals, conferences, banqueting and VIP visits arranged before the inspection work, good communication and coordination with the relevant departments.
&Nbsp;   7 to complete other related duties.
&Nbsp;   second, the foreman job description based on the waiter's steering arrangements, training and articles used meet Hotel standards of service, specific duties are:
&Nbsp;   1, daily pre-handover thin and keeping competent tips in public areas on the day.
&Nbsp;   2, check employee attendance record, arrange subordinates.
&Nbsp;   3, check the effect's range of cleaning and maintenance.
&Nbsp;   4, feel free to check the employee's working conditions, check the cleaning products and appliances, adjusted and, unusual in reporting in a timely manner.
&Nbsp;   5, guide and assess the quality of work of subordinates.
&Nbsp;   6, responsible for professional training of staff to improve their cleaning and maintenance techniques.
&Nbsp;   7 to complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
&Nbsp;   third, employee responsibilities through the public area cleaning, maintenance work, provides guests with comfortable, clean and convenient living environment, specific duties are:
&Nbsp;   1, according to the head of the Organization of work, cleaning and maintenance is a member of the public areas.
&Nbsp;   2, check the areas of responsibility of various equipment and furniture in good condition, timely reporting and repair.
&Nbsp;   3, do the cleaning machine maintenance and the use of cleaning products keep and tidy warehouse.

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