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Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to three points
&Nbsp;   1, before carrying out maintenance to turn off the air conditioner, cut off the power. Clearing the air conditioning circuit use a soft dry cloth, clean appearance, nor more than 40 degrees Celsius of the hot water, because hot water can cause deformation, discoloration or air conditioners can cause short circuit; or use petrol, paint thinner, benzene, such as chemicals and polished clean so air conditioning is corrosion or abrasion. ≫> cleaning company in Guangzhou 2, while cleaning the air filter, gently grasp the handle of the air filter and lift it slightly upward, taking the filters. If the filter is very dirty, use a rinse of approximately 40 degrees Celsius, and then be sure to blow dry, cannot open fires and drying. Avoid running air conditioning without air filter, which makes its failure.
&Nbsp;   3, if you don't use air conditioning should be cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor machine, and let the air conditioning running in air operation mode to 4-5 hours, making it dry, and then unplug the power plug, turn off the circuit breaker, and finally with dust cover cover good. Monthly off the dust cover makes air conditioning running 4-5 hours in the air mode will be better for the air conditioning.

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