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Pool. pool cleaning
&Nbsp;  ): cleaning time: according to (b): cleaning preparations:
&Nbsp;   1, pool cleaning unit should be stored water ahead of time and filled the roof pool of spare time cut off underground pool of water.
&Nbsp;   2, draining the pool as soon as possible, and to leave at the end of 20-30 centimeters of water.
&Nbsp;   3, for 2 persons (electric and hydraulic) working closely with the Guangzhou construction cleaning company personnel.
&Nbsp;   4, prepare: (1) ladder frame. (2) Schedule 3 water pumps line socket.
&Nbsp;   5, provide water, because of their pool water repeatedly washed.
&Nbsp;   6, good security, not to idle near the pool to ensure clean safe.
&Nbsp;   7, can supply point with boiling water.
&Nbsp;   (c), the cleaning process:
&Nbsp;   1, arrange the professional cleaning company cleaning personnel 6 people in Guangzhou.
&Nbsp;   2, remove the bottom silt and debris.
&Nbsp;   3, draining the sewage.
&Nbsp;   4, add water, 20-30 cm.
&Nbsp;   5, with high-pressure water rinsing tank wall.
&Nbsp;   6, washing mud and dirty water again thoroughly cleaned up.
&Nbsp;   7, putting it in the water, cleaning the wall again, at the end of (multiple) drain.
&Nbsp;   8, slightly dry with 1:20 comprehensive disinfection of chlorine dioxide solution and hold for 30 minutes.
&Nbsp;   9, into the water and disinfectant.
&Nbsp;   (d), after cleaning the pool site acceptance:
&Nbsp;   1, send for a site inspection.
&Nbsp;   2, tank testing qualified by the Ministry of health (if necessary, paid for by the party themselves), within a week of payment.
&Nbsp;   (e), the use of disinfectants: chlorine dioxide, walls, disinfected at the end of the pool. NET for water disinfection and purification of water.

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