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Leather furniture maintenance
&Nbsp;   leather sofa and other furniture to whisk or vacuuming frequently and, if necessary, then clean with SOAP for cleaning leather, water as little as possible. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. The dark leather furniture every year with castor oil, or neatsfoot oil (acquired from cow hooves) wipe the one or two times, to prevent cracking. Light colored leather with Vaseline wiped. Don't wax on the leather furniture, because leather does not absorb the wax. Can be coated with a little shoe Polish. If the leather seems parched, with a spread of cotton and its a little special leather activator, for 24 hours in order to absorb. Then Polish with a clean soft cloth. Or the dipping solution with a sponge to clean the light, which is composed of: household ammonia 5 ml (1 teaspoon), vinegar 20 ml (4 TSP) and water-600 ml (1 pint). Then wipe with a rag on castor oil. If the leather is dry, then wipe with furniture ointment. Such as furniture was badly damaged and not by yourself, the best professional repair.

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