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Renovation of conservation attention
&Nbsp;   after completion of renovation works, owner occupancy access to renovated facilities and articles, now entering the stage of a trial, using, during a series of problems which may arise. Owners also want to use after a long period of renovation are necessary in the conservation, which requires owners to learn more about renovation of knowledge in the use and maintenance.
&Nbsp;   water supply water supply pipe used for the first time water could flow with colored water, after a period of time, water will gradually become clear.
&Nbsp;   do not use acidic or alkaline liquids when cleaning tap or with a coarse cloth or steel wool, otherwise it will be the leading surface galling.
&Nbsp;   If the renovation does not stay for the time being, after being met on a business trip outside for a long time, or when it encounters a public water main repair, it is best to water main valve closes.
&Nbsp;   before the electrical power for the first time, it is best to check if the appliance is damp, plugs, wires are intact and safe. In particular, electric kettle, electric water heaters, rice cookers, disinfection Cabinet, etc. New appliances be sure to read the instructions before use.
&Nbsp;   gas hob must pay attention to when using switches direction, according to mark the switch to gas. The best every night before going to sleep off the gas switch.
&Nbsp;   tiles regular cleaning to maintain the pattern of clear, but be sure to use a soft cloth when cleaning, you cannot use the acid and alkali liquid hard brush and scrub, otherwise it will damage the tile's uranium.
&Nbsp;   marble-marble is a natural mineral, more delicate, and prone to fading, use must pay attention. Don't let the surface of colored liquid retention, and rust metal objects should not be placed on it for a long time. Cleaning stains not using acid and alkaline liquids. Also, be careful not to let the heavy impact its surface or sharp objects of scratch the surface.

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