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Three steps to maintain wood floors
&Nbsp;   If a family is covered with solid wood flooring will always want to keep the ground look like new, pleasant in appearance, more through maintenance extend the life of the floor. But because of the different flooring manufacturing processes vary, natural wax and varnish wooden flooring solid wood flooring to determine conservation methods are not exactly the same, also defaced conservation depend on different techniques vary.
&Nbsp;   Guangzhou clean natural lacquer solid wood floor wax or oil wood floor, daily cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner to clear, and then with a soft cloth dipped in a special detergent or diluted SOAP flakes liquid for cleaning. For the cleaning of large areas, spray or rotary cleaning machines that are available. Natural varnish wooden flooring, water it did any good, clean, to minimize excess moisture, clean cloth when dry. Oil and wax wood floors to remove the black rubber wear and other not water to remove dirt use a soft cloth moistened with a low concentration of alcohol wipe or little liquor.
&Nbsp;   conservation articles natural lacquer solid wood floors: clean the floor later, dilution should be coated with a layer of floor Polish. If the floor rate of frequently used, it may be appropriate to increase the concentration of Polish. Conservation general living room once a month, and frequent weekly maintenance is required such as the kitchen, living room.
&Nbsp;   wax wood floor: the floor is completely clean and dry after the floor wax coated with a thin layer of light oil, floor Polish with a soft cloth and wipe off the excess grease to avoid bright spots. Don't rush the floor wax painted light oil used at night to dry naturally.
&Nbsp;   pollution prevention article after a long period of use, natural lacquer solid wood floor wax or oil wood floor will have difficulty using ordinary cleaning methods to remove the dirt, different cases have different solutions. ≫> Guangzhou natural varnish wooden flooring cleaning services: when the floor become difficult to clean due to lot of fouling, and 25 ° c warm water mixed with a degreasing agent, use a degreaser before, the floor should be thoroughly clean. Too badly stained floors, wood floor surface should be polished, and then paint again, but this should be the last resort, because grinding will cause the floor to become thin.

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